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Bail, in the form of bail bond or cash, is posted by the accused to ensure that the he/she  will appear in court and answer to all accusations.

Once someone is arrested, the magistrate or jail may propose a bail amount that has to paid before the accused can be released. They can choose to either pay the full amount themselves, or to pay a predetermined percentage. Reese’s Strike 3 Bail Bond treats each and every bond on a case by case basis. Whatever the percentage, the agent will pay the jail the full amount as a bail bond. This service is paid for with the non refundable fee. The bail amount is then held by the court until the court case is finished. Sometimes taking months to years, it then is given back to the depositor. The bail can is forfeited and the court keeps it of the accused misses a required court date.

If you don’t have the whole amount for bail or don’t want to have your money put up for a long amount of time without earning interest, then a bail bond is for you.